Types of Electric Scooters

electric scooter

Each year, electric scooters are increasingly becoming one of the popular vehicles. Compared to gas-powered vehicles, electric scooters are much cheaper. Also, they do not emit harmful carbons. Besides, they only require low maintenance and can easily park in a small place.

If you want to buy an electric scooter that will meet your needs and most importantly your budget, look form these various types of scooters. Some are just like a bicycle and basic, there are also electric scooters that can have a great speed.

Types of electric scooters:

Electric Kick Scooters

This is a two-wheeled electric scooter that is the perfect choice for toddlers and kids. However, there are also young adults that preferred to use electric kick scooters, too. This electric kick scooter has a compact design which makes it safe and only requires little room. There are the best electric kick scooters that have a category. Most models of electric kick scooters cost $150, and below. Some categories of electric kick scooters can reach a speed of 20 mph. They are carefully designed with ergonomic tools, including sturdy contraction and a powerful motor.

Electric Motorcycles

You can improve your riding skills, and you might join races when you use an electric motorcycle. This kind of electric scooter has a speed of 100 mph, and it is completely perfect for professionals who always race with their motors. There are models of electric motorcycles that have excellent performance and can reach high speeds. Through riding electric motorcycles you can have the best riding experience with its air-cooled motor.

Electric Bikes

Most models of electric bikes can reach a speed of 25 mph. This kind of electric scooter is popular among mountain cyclers and other many cyclists. Some electric bikes can be converted to a basic bike. These are great options for commuting, outdoor exercise, and recreational riding. Also, they are built with comfort as they can absorb shocks and guarantee electric scooter for a safer ride.

Electric Tricycle

This type of electric scooter somehow looks like an electric bike, but the only difference is that the electric tricycle has three wheels. Most model of electric tricycle has a speed of 15 – 20 mph. That’s why using electric tricycle is perfect and safe to use by young ones and disabled persons.

Motorcycles Vs. Electric Bikes: Which is Better


Electric bike vs. motorcycle which is the best? There is no right or wrong; it depends on what you’re searching for.

Perks of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes for short are running on an electric motor that makes them reasonable to ride most essentially with the price of fuel that keeps on rising. An electric motor doesn’t harm the environment compared to gas and fuel. An e-bike is considered one of the safest and greenest types of transportation. All you need to do is to charge it and ride.

An electronic bike doesn’t need the owner to apply for insurance and doesn’t need a drivers license. No insurance policy saves you a considerable amount of money monthly. No license plan makes it a remarkable way of transportation for drivers or students with revoked or suspended drivers’ licenses.

Compared to the motorcycle, electronic bikes are safe to ride. This is because they don’t go past 24 to 32 kilometers per hour. What is more, this kind of transportation falls into the category of bicycle and allows in bicycle lanes. Riding in a bike lane can save you time most significantly during rush hours or in high traffic places.

Last but not least, an electric bike is a company and super lightweight compared to a motorcycle. So, you can store it easily. Also, you don’t have much problem looking for a parking spot or storing it in your condo or apartment. In fact, you can store it inside your apartment.

The flaw of Electric Bikes

Despite the many benefits this bike provides, it also comes with minor flaws. Since it is powered by battery, you aren’t able to use it to travel a long distance. If you have a plan of going out of town, it is a challenge to look for a station to charge your bike. However, due to the popularity of this bike, there is also an increase in charging stations in various places.

Benefits of Motorcycles

A motorcycle allows you to travel long distance with ease as gas stations are all over the place. It can be a bit prickly to travel for a long time on a motorcycle, but yet you have that choice. A motorcycle is faster than electronic bike and autos for that matter. They allow you to reach your destination faster.

A motorcycle is also superb for high traffic areas because it is smaller compared to vehicles and can be fit easily between the autos in heavy traffic.

Flaws of Motorcycles

Motorcycles riders are needed to have a drivers license and insurance as well. That puts motors in a shortcoming as opposed to e-bikes.

A motorcycle speed makes it dangerous. Every mishap is a lot more likely to be deadly at higher speeds. Motorcycles run through gas and fuel, which is not eco-friendly. 

Benefits of Electric Scooter

electric scooter

Electric scooters are one of the invented technologies to reach your destination conveniently. Every year, the number of electric scooters is getting more popular. People can save their pocket, as this gadget do not need gas.

Using an electric scooter, you cannot just your money, but you can also make your daily exercised. This a great kind of vehicle as it does not emit harmful carbon and you do not need to worry as this vehicle will not explode and it does not need expensive repairs.

So, if you are still wondering whether you will buy a scooter or not. Here is the list of electric scooters benefits:

Save Thousands of Dollars

This kind of vehicle is cheaper than those vehicles that require gas. So, if the day comes and you do not have money, you can ride on this vehicle as it only needs to be recharged. This work on batteries that need recharging for about a few hours.

Generally, it is strongly recommended that electric scooters must be recharged after they were used. The requirements of an electric scooter vary within the manufacturers.

If you are riding an electric scooter, you do not need to pay for your fare every mile, and you can just save it for other important things that you need to buy. Besides, gas need maintenance, license fees, insurance, and other additional expenses ran vehicles. But electric scooters can help you to save your dollars every year.

Protect the Environment

Who will not love while riding they also protect the environment? Electric scooters are a great option, as it does not require gas that can pollute the air. Since it was run by batteries, there is no burning of harmful fuel and fumes on its engine.

This is an eco-friendly vehicle, too. So, if you are wondering what rather bets vehicle to buy, the electric scooter is what you are looking for. By riding this kind of vehicle, you can help in reducing the carbon footprint, and you do not contribute to air pollutants and without knowing that you improve the air quality.

Keep Fit

Riding an electric scooter can make you stay fit as you need to use its pedals and your strength in making run of it. Also, it makes you active and energizes the whole day. Whether you need to lose weight or just a few pounds, exercise more, or make yourself stay fit, probably you need to ride an electric scooter.

If along the road you get tired of using the pedals or you are not fond of sweating, just twist your electric scooter and go. While if you want to go on top of the mountains or want to travel off the road, there are electric scooter’s models that you can use.

Save Time and Stay Safe

Electric scooters are just small, compact vehicle that can easily drive, help you to avoid traffics and can easily be parked in small spaces. This is a quick means of transportation to reach your destination and save time.

This excellent vehicle provides safety and comfort as they were combined with maneuverability and stability, PIN code for anti-start protection, circuit breakers, steering locks, and an automatic power cut-off. For a top advantage, you do not need to have a driving license because electric scooters are classified as bikes in different countries.