Electric Bikes for Kids: Are They Safe?

electric bicycle kidsKids enjoy traveling and riding with their own transportation. They also love riding with a little space to re-establish a fast race car in minds. Of course, speed is a vital concern for many parents today. This is because speed is a factor for mishaps and accidents.

Normally, parents look to bicycles as the best gift to give to their kids instead of an e-bike to limit the speed to just their pedaling ability. Bikes are a great sort of exercise, but most kids today want something which is more inclined to enjoy instead of physical effort.

Electric Bikes for Kids Overview

For little ones, an e-bike is indeed more thrilling and enjoyable to ride opposed to the conventional type of bikes due to the power lies in the electric motor and batteries. Aside from this, an e-bike is stylish and is available in different colors and designs which can make kids look cool.

Some models of e-bikes available looks like a real motorbike and often times resembles a car, which makes kids feel more grown up. E-bikes are relatively cheap; in fact, some e-bikes can be purchased for $120.

A lot of e-bikes for children come pre-assembled with different lights which you see in a conventional type of e-bikes for adults. They come with chargers which allow anywhere from forty-five minutes to four hours of travel before the battery gets drained.

Safety Issues Concerning an E-Bike for Kids

Is e-bike safe for kids to use? Surprisingly an e-bike is safe for kids to use given that the guardians or parents assure proper safety measures. E-bikes, in fact, are more reliable than conventional bikes because they are made of hard plastic materials. What is more, your child doesn’t have to make a lot of physical movements which can cause possible damage. Worry no more about prolonged use as the battery time is limited and does not allow your little one to go too far.

Safety measure must be significantly taken to make sure your little ones don’t go in any bad moments with their e-bikes. This takes account of basic such as being armed with a kneepads, helmet, elbow pads, as well as tough shoes. When you are choosing an e-bike, make certain it is not too big for your kid. Have your kid give the e-bike a test run and see if his foot is touching the ground as this gives him the capability to balance.

E-bikes are made for traveling in even surfaces. Never have your little ones take this e-bike on the road at night and in traffic. Keep them in your range of supervision. Also, it is wise to verify with the local authorities for local regulations and restrictions concerning scooters in general.

E-bikes for kids are fun and safe and a perfect gift compared to regular bicycles. They are fairly cheap and will surely bring a smile to your kid’s face. Make sure to follow safety measures, and your e-bike will bring hours and hours of fun and excitement.

Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips: How to Prolong the Life of your Unit

electric scooter

An electric scooter is common nowadays. According to many, it is a good alternative to the conventional wheelchair due to many factors such as easy to operate, easy to access, powered by battery, comfortable and many others. However, this mode of transportation is very expensive. The price ranges from $200 to $700 or more, and it depends on the features included and of course the manufacturers. Given the high cost, it is vital for owners to keep the scooter in a good condition so you can avoid constant repairs. Here are tips on how to take good care of your electronic scooter.

What is Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is a plug-in electric vehicle that comes with 2 or 3 wheels. It is powered by electricity which is stored on a rechargeable battery board that drives one or two electric motors. An electric motor looks like the typical motorcycles which come with a step-through frame.

How to Extend the Life of Your Electric Scooter

To keep your unit up and running:

1. You must keep the tire inflated since a smaller tire loses air pressure quickly. This might lead to the tube circling inside the tire during acceleration and braking. Thus, the valve might get wreck and destroyed. This also needs to motor to work double time, leading to burnt brushes or armatures.

2. To keep your electric scooter up and running, make sure the battery is charged often and after returning to the room temp. Heat can damage the battery. Hence, it is highly recommended to cool it before charging.

3. Pressure on the drive chain or drive belt should match the specification of the manufacturer. The loose drive belt can lead to slippage and damage the belt easily. So, move the rear tire backward or forward to leave about ½ to ¼ inch space while pressing against the center of the span. The center position is also needed; if it doesn’t ride against the side of the belt hub on the rear tire or motor, it might jump up on the rim resulting to the locking of the wheel. This is very dangerous as it can lead to an accident. So, you need to carefully check the drive belt prior and after you use the unit.

4. Brake and throttle linkages need right and proper lubrication to avoid binding. It is irrational to use your electric scooter on a wet surface; the mud or water can harm the components.

To address minor issues such as:

Interrupted power: The main culprit of interrupted power can be a broken or loose connection. Low charge batter can also result in the interruption of power. If the main reason is a broken connection, you need to check the wiring, make sure there is no fractured linkage. Interrupted power can be due to the malfunctioning of the master switch and broken controller box. A master switch can be replaced, but the controller box cannot be. Aside from the points above, interruption of power can be due to losing connection of cable at the back the fuse assembly that connects to the battery.

8 Tips to Consider When Buying E-Bikes

electric bikeBuying an e-bike is a fantastic experience for the consumer who has never owned this before. An e-bike is a new product that has excellent developments made in technology in current years. Electronic bikes are very much popular in China, but in just a short period, it has conquered the US, Australia, and Europe.

Essential Things to Consider When Purchasing an E-Bike

There are a lot of things that you have to think of when buying an e-bike to make the most out of your money, time as well as effort. So, here they are.

Make a Research

Due to its popularity, e-bikes are now available in various styles and models. There are many types, styles as well as functions with e-bikes, so it’s best to make a research and look for the one that meets your needs. Consider your needs, is it for a longer ride, and do you want it to be foldable?

Consider Local E-Bike Company

An e-bike is expensive most, especially if it is made by a renowned company abroad. You don’t need to spend a lot, because today there are local companies that manufacture e-bikes with the same features but available at a low price.

Test Ride is Important

One crucial benefit of purchasing an e-bike from a local manufacturer is that you have the chance to try it. Test ride your bike and see it is meet your riding needs or it is comfortable to ride.

Compare the Price Online

You can visit online to see the different models available and compare the price as well. You have to keep this in mind and ensure you consider the diverse technology which is being utilized. Of course, you want to be cost-efficient, but also something which can be used for many years.

Ensure the Company Provide Service Warranty

A lot of e-bike sellers will provide you a twelve months service warranty so you can take it to a shop and get something repaired or services which required to be fixed.

Ensure They Conform With Local Regulations About Speed

Every state and country has different regulations about the speed which electric bikes are permitted to go up to, to ensure that you consider this with the retailer and with the road authority as well.