Hub Drive V. Mid Drive eBikes: Pros and Cons

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Hub drives and mid drives are two types of ebike motor placements. Hub drives have enjoyed success as the leading ebike drive type until a recent industry shift towards mid drive placement. There are several reasons one might choose either the hub or mid drive.

Hub Drive

A hub drive is an ebike motor that’s situated in the wheel hub of either the front or back bike wheel. The motor propels the bike by spinning one tire directly.

Hub Drive Pros

Hub drives are relatively simple in design and don’t require any specialized framing. They are essentially an addition to the wheel hub. Virtually any bike can be retrofitted with a hub drive using a conversion kit. Many riders prefer this option because it can drastically reduce the cost of the ebike.

Hub Drive Cons

If the motor is positioned on the rear wheel, it can feel like the bike is being pushed. When positioned on the front wheel, a hub drive can affect steering and feel like the bike is being pulled. This awkward shift in balance can be difficult for new riders.

Drive motors perform best when they’re allowed to spin at high speeds. When a hub drive is ascending a hill or is otherwise forcibly slowed due to terrain while the rider is requesting drive assistance, the motor can burn out.

A burned-out motor can either shut off temporarily, leaving the rider without assistance in terrain that is likely rough, or take permanent damage to the internal magnets, leaving the rider without assistance for the remainder of the ride.

Another issue with hub drives is that a flat tire, which is generally an easily-solved problem, can turn into a lengthy and complex process. If the tire that’s flat is the tire with the hub drive on it, it won’t be as simple as replacing the tire as usual.

Mid Drive

Mid drive motors are located directly under the rider, between the pedals. It sends power directly to the drivetrain.

Mid Drive Pros

Central placement and weight distribution are optimal for biking, as they don’t create any push or pull sensation and don’t affect balance. Mid drives allow the rider to use gears that improve efficiency and lengthen the range of each charge.

Mid Drive Cons

Mid drive designs are generally more expensive than hub drives because they require a bit more engineering. This also means that mid drives usually require specially designed frames and are often unable to be retrofitted.


Hub drives versus mid drives comes down to both personal preferences and experience. An inexperienced rider would definitely be better served by a mid-drive that won’t complicate flat tires, won’t affect balance, and won’t burn out on inclines; but he or she might also consider sacrificing certain aspects for the lower cost of the hub drive. An experienced rider might prefer the ability to retrofit the hub drive to an existing bicycle, but will most likely favor the better quality, balance, and performance of the mid drive.

Motorcycles Vs. Electric Bikes: Which is Better


Electric bike vs. motorcycle which is the best? There is no right or wrong; it depends on what you’re searching for.

Perks of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes for short are running on an electric motor that makes them reasonable to ride most essentially with the price of fuel that keeps on rising. An electric motor doesn’t harm the environment compared to gas and fuel. An e-bike is considered one of the safest and greenest types of transportation. All you need to do is to charge it and ride.

An electronic bike doesn’t need the owner to apply for insurance and doesn’t need a drivers license. No insurance policy saves you a considerable amount of money monthly. No license plan makes it a remarkable way of transportation for drivers or students with revoked or suspended drivers’ licenses.

Compared to the motorcycle, electronic bikes are safe to ride. This is because they don’t go past 24 to 32 kilometers per hour. What is more, this kind of transportation falls into the category of bicycle and allows in bicycle lanes. Riding in a bike lane can save you time most significantly during rush hours or in high traffic places.

Last but not least, an electric bike is a company and super lightweight compared to a motorcycle. So, you can store it easily. Also, you don’t have much problem looking for a parking spot or storing it in your condo or apartment. In fact, you can store it inside your apartment.

The flaw of Electric Bikes

Despite the many benefits this bike provides, it also comes with minor flaws. Since it is powered by battery, you aren’t able to use it to travel a long distance. If you have a plan of going out of town, it is a challenge to look for a station to charge your bike. However, due to the popularity of this bike, there is also an increase in charging stations in various places.

Benefits of Motorcycles

A motorcycle allows you to travel long distance with ease as gas stations are all over the place. It can be a bit prickly to travel for a long time on a motorcycle, but yet you have that choice. A motorcycle is faster than electronic bike and autos for that matter. They allow you to reach your destination faster.

A motorcycle is also superb for high traffic areas because it is smaller compared to vehicles and can be fit easily between the autos in heavy traffic.

Flaws of Motorcycles

Motorcycles riders are needed to have a drivers license and insurance as well. That puts motors in a shortcoming as opposed to e-bikes.

A motorcycle speed makes it dangerous. Every mishap is a lot more likely to be deadly at higher speeds. Motorcycles run through gas and fuel, which is not eco-friendly.