Why Electric Bicycles are on the rise in the UK

electric bicycle ukCycling enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity after the London Olympics and the ongoing success of the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. That trend is now being boosted by the rise in demand for electric bicycles which, in 2018, accounted for 30% of all bikes sold in the UK.

What is an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are similar to a regular bicycle, except they have battery-powered assistance when required.

Pushing the pedals on an electric bicycle engages a small electric motor, which provides a boost that allows the cyclist to fire their way up hills and zip across tough terrains without tiring themselves out.

Most electric bicycles allow you to set the level of assistance you require, with UK models allowing up to 15.5 miles per hour (25 kilometres per hour).

The rise of electric bicycles

The very first electric bicycles were largely reserved to hobbyists who created their own contraptions via a battery, motor and voltage controller.

The vehicles were rare, had short distance ranges and were slow-moving – but it did beat having to pedal and it was fairly convenient.

But the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, based on electric car technology, has led to a sharp rise in their popularity. 

Electric bicycles have long been popular across Europe, with pedelecs now the biggest bike category in Holland and Germany selling around one million of them in 2018.

But the UK market has been slow to catch onto the trend. That began to change with a sharp increase in 2016, before Halfords claimed 2017 was ‘the year of the ebike’ as sales spiked by 220%.

This trend was aided by Olympic gold medallists Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton publicly lauding electric bicycles.

Pendleton, in particular, claimed they were a ‘game changer’ given their potential to get more people riding bikes, and even launched her own electric bicycle, the Pendleton Somerby Electric Hybrid Bike.

Why use an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are a great way for people who want to get fitter, are a little older, or simply want to travel a little further than they’d normally be capable of, to get out on their bike as opposed to driving.

Riding an electric bicycle can also be as healthy as its more traditional cousin. Just like regular cycling, it helps to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, build strength and improve circulation.

There are also cost benefits for electric bicycles. While the initial payment for an electric model may be more than you’d expect to spend on a regular bicycle, the running costs compared to a car are significantly lower.

Fully charging the battery costs a few pence and could take you as far as 100 miles per charge.

Future of electric bicycles

The UK Government is being encouraged to promote the uptake of electric bicycles, with the Bicycle Association claiming incentive schemes are required to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce congestion.

The future of electric bicycles, therefore, looks to be bright, and could be vital to people living healthier lives and making cities safer, healthier places to live.

Motorcycles Vs. Electric Bikes: Which is Better


Electric bike vs. motorcycle which is the best? There is no right or wrong; it depends on what you’re searching for.

Perks of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes for short are running on an electric motor that makes them reasonable to ride most essentially with the price of fuel that keeps on rising. An electric motor doesn’t harm the environment compared to gas and fuel. An e-bike is considered one of the safest and greenest types of transportation. All you need to do is to charge it and ride.

An electronic bike doesn’t need the owner to apply for insurance and doesn’t need a drivers license. No insurance policy saves you a considerable amount of money monthly. No license plan makes it a remarkable way of transportation for drivers or students with revoked or suspended drivers’ licenses.

Compared to the motorcycle, electronic bikes are safe to ride. This is because they don’t go past 24 to 32 kilometers per hour. What is more, this kind of transportation falls into the category of bicycle and allows in bicycle lanes. Riding in a bike lane can save you time most significantly during rush hours or in high traffic places.

Last but not least, an electric bike is a company and super lightweight compared to a motorcycle. So, you can store it easily. Also, you don’t have much problem looking for a parking spot or storing it in your condo or apartment. In fact, you can store it inside your apartment.

The flaw of Electric Bikes

Despite the many benefits this bike provides, it also comes with minor flaws. Since it is powered by battery, you aren’t able to use it to travel a long distance. If you have a plan of going out of town, it is a challenge to look for a station to charge your bike. However, due to the popularity of this bike, there is also an increase in charging stations in various places.

Benefits of Motorcycles

A motorcycle allows you to travel long distance with ease as gas stations are all over the place. It can be a bit prickly to travel for a long time on a motorcycle, but yet you have that choice. A motorcycle is faster than electronic bike and autos for that matter. They allow you to reach your destination faster.

A motorcycle is also superb for high traffic areas because it is smaller compared to vehicles and can be fit easily between the autos in heavy traffic.

Flaws of Motorcycles

Motorcycles riders are needed to have a drivers license and insurance as well. That puts motors in a shortcoming as opposed to e-bikes.

A motorcycle speed makes it dangerous. Every mishap is a lot more likely to be deadly at higher speeds. Motorcycles run through gas and fuel, which is not eco-friendly. 

Electric Bikes for Kids: Are They Safe?

electric bicycle kidsKids enjoy traveling and riding with their own transportation. They also love riding with a little space to re-establish a fast race car in minds. Of course, speed is a vital concern for many parents today. This is because speed is a factor for mishaps and accidents.

Normally, parents look to bicycles as the best gift to give to their kids instead of an e-bike to limit the speed to just their pedaling ability. Bikes are a great sort of exercise, but most kids today want something which is more inclined to enjoy instead of physical effort.

Electric Bikes for Kids Overview

For little ones, an e-bike is indeed more thrilling and enjoyable to ride opposed to the conventional type of bikes due to the power lies in the electric motor and batteries. Aside from this, an e-bike is stylish and is available in different colors and designs which can make kids look cool.

Some models of e-bikes available looks like a real motorbike and often times resembles a car, which makes kids feel more grown up. E-bikes are relatively cheap; in fact, some e-bikes can be purchased for $120.

A lot of e-bikes for children come pre-assembled with different lights which you see in a conventional type of e-bikes for adults. They come with chargers which allow anywhere from forty-five minutes to four hours of travel before the battery gets drained.

Safety Issues Concerning an E-Bike for Kids

Is e-bike safe for kids to use? Surprisingly an e-bike is safe for kids to use given that the guardians or parents assure proper safety measures. E-bikes, in fact, are more reliable than conventional bikes because they are made of hard plastic materials. What is more, your child doesn’t have to make a lot of physical movements which can cause possible damage. Worry no more about prolonged use as the battery time is limited and does not allow your little one to go too far.

Safety measure must be significantly taken to make sure your little ones don’t go in any bad moments with their e-bikes. This takes account of basic such as being armed with a kneepads, helmet, elbow pads, as well as tough shoes. When you are choosing an e-bike, make certain it is not too big for your kid. Have your kid give the e-bike a test run and see if his foot is touching the ground as this gives him the capability to balance.

E-bikes are made for traveling in even surfaces. Never have your little ones take this e-bike on the road at night and in traffic. Keep them in your range of supervision. Also, it is wise to verify with the local authorities for local regulations and restrictions concerning scooters in general.

E-bikes for kids are fun and safe and a perfect gift compared to regular bicycles. They are fairly cheap and will surely bring a smile to your kid’s face. Make sure to follow safety measures, and your e-bike will bring hours and hours of fun and excitement.