Electric Scooter Gives You the Convenience You Want

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You just came home from the office. After spending half an hour in a heavy traffic to go to a miserable 5 miles, your persistence is almost gone.

You haven’t been home for an hour when you remember that you need to go to the nearest store to buy some stuff. Rather than driving your car, you choose to save money from consuming fuel.

It is a just a kilometer far from your home, so rather than battling with traffic jam, you decide on an alternative mode of transportation and keep away from the hassle.

An electric scooter has become more and more popular because of the eco-friendly and energy efficient feature. Without the need for gas or fuel to run e-scooters, you’re helping mother earth with each ride.

Stop burning fossil fuels and generating carbon dioxide into the air

Rather than burning fossil fuels and generating carbon dioxide into the air, you can do a small part in saving the world from global warming and have fun while you are doing it.

A lot of electric scooters available are foldable that makes it easy for you to store it even inside your room. With this additional convenience, you can take your electric scooter anywhere you want.

Ideal for short distance journey

An electric scooter is ideal for short distance journey. Rather than driving your vehicle, burning the fossil fuel and coping with heavy traffic, use your e-scooter, turn it on and before you know it, you have reached your desired destination fast and headache free.

An electric scooter comes with various kinds of features. Some can reach a distance of 20 to 30 miles without the need for charging. You can hop in your scooter 2 to 3 times a week without charging.

If you use your car on short trips, you’re burning more fuel each time you accelerate that is bad to the environment. Each time you accelerate, you produce pollutants that cause greenhouse effects.


This kind of transportation is a cost-efficient alternative. Even if the price is different, it’s safe to say that the average 250w e-scooter with 10 to 12 miles range for every charge will cost you $500 or less.

An electric scooter with 350w that range from 12 to 20 miles for every charge will cost you $600 or less. However, keep in mind that price can also affect some other factors like additional features and the brand.

In general, if you look at the efficiency, cost as well as overall performance, for sure you will agree that this kind of transportation is not just a practical choice but also gives you the convenience you want.

You cannot go wrong with electric scooters. It is time for you to do your part in saving our planet to buy an electric scooter and you will be shocked by the amount of money you can save. Get your e- scooter now!

How to Ride an Electric Scooter?

electric scooter riding

Do you still remember how fun it is to ride with a manual scooter during your childhood days? Now you are an adult, did you still want to ride a scooter?

You can still ride one through an electric scooter. These scooters are fun to ride with and affordable. Also, these come in different sizes and shapes. Some models are designed to the various skill levels of riders, and some are hard to maneuver and to control.

However, riding a scooter requires few practices, especially it is a while since you have to ride it or you do not have an experience riding a manual scooter. There is a slow electric scooter that also needs some skill, and there is a powerful electric scooter that needs more practice.

Getting Started with Electric Scooter

Some people may think that it is just easy to ride one. However, it takes time and practice before someone can get to ride on it. No one wants to drop their new electric scooter on the first ride while they are off the street.

If you are a beginner, the very first thing you need to do is to find an area where you can safely practice. The area should be wide, and there should be no traffic. The back roads and parking lots can be an option. When you want to learn how to ride, make sure you have a wide area with no obstacles.

If you are not still confident with riding in an electric scooter, you must avoid bike paths or lanes and uneven terrains.

Basic Steps of Riding an Electric Scooter:

When you are riding an electric scooter, you must flip its latch placed on the steering column’s base, then unlock your electric scooter, raise it in an upright, full position.

You can increase the speed of your electric scooter by pressing its switch. Furthermore, if you have noticed that your electric scooter has an LED display, you must read the information most importantly, the indicator of its battery life.

You can find the handbrake on its handlebars. Some scooters have a sensitive brake, so just easily ride your electric scooter until you have the confidence in riding it.

In increasing or reducing of the speed/power, you must use its throttle. If you already hit the throttle, you can now off to ride.

Once, you are preparing to stop, you must use the foot or hand brake. 

Enjoy your ride!!

How to Find Cheap Electric Scooter

cheap electric scooter

At this point, an electric scooter is in demand and beneficial to people with limited mobility. Disabled and senior citizens find that utilizing this mode of transportation is convenient than riding a conventional wheelchair.

This is because apart from the fact that it is easier to operate, an electric scooter can also help them reach their destination easier and faster. Compare to the conventional wheelchair that goes a few meters, and an electric scooter can run for many miles.

However, because an electric scooter is a still a new idea, the price tag can be overwhelming. In fact, an ordinary model has a price tag of $500. This is pretty steep for an individual who works in a fixed budget.

On the other hand, this does not mean that electric scooter is intended for the wealthy and rich. Today, due to its popularity, companies manufacture certain types of electric scooter that are within your budget. You can buy cheap electric scooter if you just know where and how to look for them. So, in this case, you need to do a proper research.

Tips to Buy Cheap Electric Scooter

Search Online

Internet is the best place for just about any brand and type of cheap and reasonable electric scooter. You can purchase an e-scooter for a very reasonable price as it has been used already. However, when buying a used electronic scooter, it is essential to know the history of the unit and see if it has undergone a series of repair in the past.

Check the mileage too and any indications of wear. Through this way, you can get the best product without spending a lot of your resources.

Car Auctions Websites

Another way to find cheap electric scooter is to visit vehicle auctions sites. There are lots of car auctions that offer cheap electric scooter. A lot of people trade in their units to get a mortgage with loan providers or also known as creditors.

If these people fail to pay the loan, their electric scooters are sold to the public for a very reasonable price. However, not all car auctions available have e-scooters in their roster, but there is nothing wrong in trying.

Store Sales

Store sales are also an excellent way to find and buy cheap electric scooter online. Even electric scooters are also included in motor part sales, most of the times; therefore, it is best to call the staff to get essential information regarding a sale ahead of time. Through this way, you get a head start on the types of e-scooters accessible. Also, you can go online to check the reviews.


Electric scooters offer many benefits. But, the price is the unfavorable factor for those who have limited income. Not anymore, as cheap and low prices electric scooter is everywhere; it is just a matter of patience, time, and proper research. You also need a bit of skill, resourcefulness as well as ingenuity.