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Electric scooters

Welcome to a new era of urban transportation. Electric scooters are changing the concept of travel by providing an eco-friendly, efficient, and exciting new mode of commuting that is affordable to all.

Recent technological advances have made it easier to navigate the office, cruise up and down campus, or get around the neighborhood. Our catalog features some of the most diverse, lightweight, and cost-effective portable mobility solutions tailored specifically to meet your short-distance transportation needs.

Cruise on through our unique selection of beautiful electric scooters that are crafted from some of the best materials such as carbon fiber, aircraft and forged aluminum, and custom designed tires for stability and safety. These electric scooters are simple, sleek, ergonomic, light-weight, and a ton of fun to ride around town in.

Electric bicycles

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are bicycles equipped with a lightweight motor that allows you to power up steep hills and commute in comfort. Our electric bicycles are forged from aircraft aluminum, light as a feather and built strong like a bull.

Stocked with the latest technology, brushless motors allow for speeds of 25km or more depending on the model, and the short charging time gets you where you want to go with less effort. Whether you are a daily commuter, mountain biker, or recreational cyclist, there is an e-bike model waiting for you.

Cruise on through our unique selection of beautiful electric bicyclesIn more recent years e-bikes have become the go to method of transportation for anyone looking for a healthier, eco-friendly was to get to work, school, or essentially anywhere within a 30-mile radius.

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We love to design & developed awesome products!

Our team of designers and engineers love to design and develop products with unique design. All our models are simple, easy to use and fun to ride. You will have hard time to find models that can be compared to our in terms of quality, design and price.

E-bikes Made with love from….

LG Batteries, Kenda Tires, Tektro Brakes, King Meter Displays, Samsung Batteries,  Lishui Sensors, Shimano, MXUS Motors, Winzip Disc Brakes, Qilin tires, Velo saddles, Bafang Motors & Sensors, Suntour Forks,  Maxxis tires, Prowheel chainwheel, AIKEMA motors, BOFEILI motors and more…

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